Admissions Requirements

All forms necessary for admission can be accessed under apply to LMC.  You can also apply online there.



1. Admissions Application
2. $35 non-refundable application fee
3. Official final high school transcript
4. ACT or SAT test scores
(If neither is taken, the Accuplacer test can be taken. Please contact the
Learning Enrichment Center for test times. Cost: $50)

5. Health Application (with insurance information)


1.  Graduation from an accredited high school or a minimum score of 40 on each test and an overall average of 45 on the General Education Development (GED) test. Candidates who fail to submit records of high school graduation or passing GED scores –


2.  Submit admission test scores

THEA Exemption Standards:


TAKS Scores

Math: 2200 (minimum)
English/Writing: 2200 and 3 (min.)

*Partial exemptions allowed.  If minimum standard in both Math and English/writing is met, student is fully exempt.


ACT Scores

Composite Score: 23 (min.)
English: 19 (min.)
Math: 19 (min.)

*Composite Score must be met in order to gain partial exemption



SAT Scores
Combined: 1070 (min.)
Verbal: 500 (min.)
Math: 500 (min.)
*Combined verbal and math score must be met in order to gain partial exemption





1. Admissions Application
2. $35 non-refundable application fee
3. Official final college transcript (from ALL colleges attended)
4. Health Application (with insurance information)



On Campus Students

1. Lon Morris College Housing Application
2. $200 Non refundable Housing Application Fee
3. Physical Form

4. Proof of vaccination (Bacterial Meningitis)




If you are interested in attending Lon Morris College as an International student, you will need a separate Admissions packet.  For more information, please contact our International Admissions Counselor Christina Chatman.  Christina may be reached at 903.589.4038 or by e-mail at


         *Please review these procedures prior to application. Students must      complete paperwork and turn in all required documents PRIOR to being issued an acceptance letter and I-20.


Dual Enrollment

Students who are still enrolled in a high school program and find that their schedule and time allow them to start their college work before they have graduated from high school may participate in the Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Non-Degree Seeking

A non degree-seeking student may enroll in up to six college credit hours per semester and may accumulate a maximum of twelve semester credit hours. These students must submit proof of medical insurance, but transcripts and placement test are not required. After accumulating twelve hours, a student must seek formal admission to the college.

Fine Arts Requirements

Please visit our audition web site for more information.