Fine Arts Audition Opportunities

The mission of the Division of Fine Arts of Lon Morris College is to offer a well-rounded, quality fine arts education within a Christian community providing the opportunity for students to mature as artists and individuals.

The Division of Fine Arts has as its vision the aim of developing the whole person. To this end, the Division will:

1) Transmit knowledge and develop skills.
2) Prepare students for upper-level study.
3) Provide a safe environment in which the student-artist can explore and grow.
4) Provide performance and exhibition opportunities that foster the creation of an impressive and significant resume/portfolio.
5) Provide cultural opportunities for the community.
6) Produce the artists and audiences of tomorrow.

An Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree affords the student the opportunity to develop artistic skills and a broad background in the liberal arts. More in-depth study of the chosen discipline is achieved through the Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A.) degree.

While serving God, College, Alumni, Community, and one another, the student achieves wholeness and a quality education.

To schedule an audition please contact:

Jack Brooks



[email protected]



Band/Orchestra (Music Majors)

Two short, contrasting pieces that demonstrate tone and technique, chromatic scale, major and minor scales through three flats and three sharps.  You will be provided with an excerpt to sight-read.

Band/Orchestra (Non Music Majors)

Any piece of music that you feel shows your proficiency on your instrument and a chromatic scale.  You will be provided with an excerpt to sight-read.


Two substantial works representing different musical periods, scales and arpeggios. You will be provided with an excerpt to sight-read.




Chapel Choir

Sing your vocal part of any hymn or the melody line to your favorite song (match pitch).


Sing two songs in any language.  Memorization, though not required, is highly encouraged.  Taped accompaniments are acceptable, or an accompanist will be provided.  You will be provided with an excerpt to sight sing.



Please prepare two contrasting monologues that are each one to two minutes in length. IF you are interested in muscial theatre, please 16 bars of any song.


Visual Art

Please bring a physical or digital portfolio with at least six works that emphasize drawing.