The mission of Lon Morris College is to offer a quality liberal arts education within a Christian community.  LMC provides a 10:1 student to teacher ratio.

Lon Morris College offers over 30 majors in three divisions of studies.  Students can choose from three Associate degrees in Arts, Fine Arts, and Sciences. 98% of LMC graduates transfer to 4-year universities.

Course Catalog

Degrees Offered

A.A.: Associate of Arts
A.F.A.: Associate of Fine Arts
A.S.: Associate of Science

Division of Humanities

General Studies (A.A.)
English (A.A.)
Spanish (A.A.)
Communications (A.A.)
Psychology (A.A.)
Sociology (A.A)
Criminal Justice (A.A.)
Teacher Education (Elementary) (A.A.)
Government (A.A.)
History (A.A.)
Business/Business Administration (A.A.)
Religion (A.A.)
Philosophy (A.A.)

Hospitality Administration (A.A)

Division of Fine Arts

Visual Arts (A.A. or A.F.A.)

Performance Dance (A.A. or A.F.A)

Music (A.A.)
Fine Arts - Piano Emphasis (A.F.A.)
Fine Arts - Vocal Emphasis (A.F.A.)
Fine Arts - Guitar Emphasis (A.F.A.)
Fine Arts - Instrumental Emphasis (A.F.A.)
Fine Arts - Musical Theatre (A.F.A.)
Theatre (A.A)
Fine Arts - Acting Emphasis (A.F.A.)
Fine Arts - Technical Emphasis (A.F.A.)
Musical Theatre (A.F.A.)

Division of Sciences

Kinesiology (A.S.)
Sports Career (A.S.)
Biology (A.S.) - for Pre-professional Studeies in Dentistry,
          Medical Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical
          Therapy, & Veterinary Medicine
Pre-Nursing (A.S.)
Allied Health Science Concentration (A.S.)
                 (for transfer into A.S. degree programs in Nursing) 
                 Medical Lab Technician, Physical Therapist Assistant, 
                 and X-Ray Technician
Chemistry (A.S.)
Pre-Engineering (A.S.)
Physics (A.S.)
General Studies - Math Emphasis (A.S.)
Elementary Education - Math Emphasis (A.S. or (A.A.)
Computer Science (A.S.)

Agriculture Science (A.S.)

Learning Enrichment Program

Lon Morris gives every student the opportunity to learn and excel, including those with learning differences. Students with a documented learning difference may require reasonable accommodations to be successful. Frequently, these students are frustrated by a learning disability and are academically unsuccessful. However, an intelligent, motivated student who is diagnosed with a specific learning difference can, with proper guidance and assistance, succeed academically in spite of his or her disability.

The Cole Learning Center refines study skills through tutoring programs, learning labs, group reviews, and specialized computer resources. One-on-one career assessments and counseling sessions help prepare students for life after Lon Morris. The Center provides assistance in each student's area of need. Networked, state-of-the-art computers with internet access, word processing software, developmental basic skills educational software, and specialized adaptive technology are provided to help students with almost any academic need. However, students with a documented learning difference can take advantage of special accommodations such as:


After a brief intake form is completed and the student furnishes all proper educational or psychological evaluations, the director makes a decision about in-class accommodations.

For any questions regarding the Learning Enrichment Program or the Summer Prep Program, please contact Sandy White, Director of the Cole Learning Enrichment Center at 1.800.259.5753 ext 4030 or 1.903.589.4030.